Atlantean Equator

As you can see in Cobra’s post of yesterday, there is a Goddess Line that was, in fact, the equator at the time of Atlantis.

If you follow it Westwards it goes through Virginia (The Land of the Virgin) at exactly where the tachyon chamber is located. This is no accident.

Enjoy all of the intuitions this brings to you!

6 thoughts on “Atlantean Equator

  1. Greetings Dr Joe,

    This is exciting info!! Thank you for all you do to expand consciousness on this planet! Thank you for saying yes to the invitation to be of a higher level of service in this magnificent awakening!!

    So much love and light to you dear one..

    From the heart, Teresa


      • I like the sound of your statement.. “Where we go one, we go all”..

        I like knowing you are on this journey.. makes me feel “safer” somehow..🍀🤗

        If you haven’t seen the series on Netflix, “Wheel of Time”, i encourage you to watch. The females depicted in the film, are very powerful. The males who protect them are called “warders”. The males vow to protect the females for life. There are no sexual contact between them, since the physical union, as i have come to realize, can often “cloud” the judgement of individuals involved, therefore distracting from the sacred mission!!

        I, like you, have RSVP’d to the invitation to be of a higher level of service. Realizing of course, everyone in “service’ to raising the consciousness, on this planet , is equally important, no matter how seemingly small it may appear to others.

        When i say i have stepped up to higher level of service, i mean, i have consciously, been on this journey of “active duty” for many years. Each path has led me to yet another level of awareness. Each day i ask what i refer to as, the “counsel of love light”, to show me what it is i need to know and how i can be of the greatest service. More and more information is being shown to me each and every day!! So exciting!!

        I want to have a retreat/healing center.. this has been a dream of mine for many years. however, the doors have not yet been opened for me to enbark upon that dream, not yet anyway. who knows, perhaps the counsel of light has bigger plans for me!!

        Make today the best day ever..




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