New Atlantis Grid, update.

As can be seen at the grid passes through Venice, Italy, and the Palace of Versailles, near Paris (Per-Isis), France. Moving across the Atlantic Ocean it links the major cities of the former English colonial cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington. Extending further it passes through Waynesboro, VA, Asheville, NC, and Atlanta(is), GA. Visitors to the chamber often ask why such a “non-special” place as Waynesboro has a chamber. Now you know!

Negative vortex in Long Island, New York

As Cobra has shown, the hadron collider on Long Island, exerts a tremendously negative influence over the whole of the original thirteen colonies. The diameter of the associated vortex is approximately one thousand miles. Right at the perimeter of this vortex is a POSITIVE vortex, located in Waynesboro, Virginia. A pillar of Light, extending into space and into inner Earth has been established by the positioning of the tachyon chamber, grounding goddess energy. An angel of place is present and some of the clients who have been in the chamber have experienced that to varying extents.

Summer offer

Now that many are traveling as part of seasonal vacationing I am offering, for return clients only, five sessions for the price of three. Cobra advised me that, due to entropy, the effect of you having been “tachyonised” in the chamber declines over time. Only you can assess if you need another bolus of tachyons.

Happy trails!