As we approach the tipping-point of our liberation it is important to state our collective ideal. Untwine at has started a petition that I fully support:

Let’s give the dark ones the coup de grace!

Adventures in the realm of Cintamani

By now many of you who have had the good sense to acquire one of these stones will have noticed some (very pleasantly) strange phenomena occurring. I now understand why The Nazis want to get their hands on even one of them. They are, in my estimation, an extraordinary Sirian technology. “Impossible” things occur just as The White Rabbit intimated!

If you have not purchased one yet I suggest you do. The space-time bubble we live in is less real than our imagination. Try it and see for yourself. And bring it with you when you come for your time in the chamber. Read what Cobra said about etheric implants as explanation of their combined effect.

Blessings and much joy be yours.