Disclosure is starting

You know something big is occurring when Michio Kaku is quoted, saying the most wonderful things. Here are two items that show this:





Today is the time of The Triple Cross of solstice, precession, and galactic plane. From now on all is possible.

One aspect of temporal “magic” is surrogacy. Master Jeshua stated, “The little leavens the whole”. This manifests in terms of the tachyon chamber being enhanced with every visitor. Commander Ashtar (via Michael Ellegion) and Cobra have advised that this is now occurring, a deep insertion of tachyons into the planetary grid. The chamber is actually increasing in potency!

A mechanism of action for tachyons

Dr. Bell understood from his Pleiadean contact that:

“The only thing that can happen so that mass doesn’t become so infinite that it creates a black hole [as you move beyond the speed of light] is to become a subatomic structure that moves through virtual fields in the form of a self-contained flame of consciousness.

The body [is allowed] to heal itself instantaneously by removing time from the consciousness of the individual cell and thus the chromosome of the DNA is fed energy directly from the decay of a black hole via a space-time singularity….. followed by a wormhole.”