The five sessions I did in the chamber in March has helped me both mentally and physically. I notice that I can more easily move myself from negative thinking into a more positive state. The negative issues in the past would last for several days/weeks. Somehow now I can re-balance myself and focus more in the direction of my intent. I have more energy and most times just feel good! The person traveling with me had several physical concerns. She has noticed a balancing of her energy also. She is over 80 years of age and was always amazing to me, however, after her surgery, she did not have the high energy level as before. I see that is returning!!!! Thank you for taking the time and effort to speak with us. It was like encountering a good friend that I had not seem in some time and enjoying each moment of it. Thank you. The trip was most amazing in all respect! We met with wonderful people from the hotel personnel to the many shops and restaurants we visited. Most amazing!!!! We made friends and have been invited to visit again, which we shall. Love and Peace. -Muriel


Tachyon chambers are very powerful. I experienced healing session in one of them last august and it was a big shift for me. I’ve felt much more connected and inspired since. The effects feel permanent as i still feel them 9 months later. I still feel like trying to do more, as tachyons are basically particles carrying full spectrum of spiritual light, they can take us however far we are ready to go, which also means the more we work on ourselves, the more we stop putting things under the carpet and are dedicated to our inner work, the more effects we will have. I started my blog about 3 weeks after my tachyon chamber sessions : http://recreatingbalance1.blogspot.com   -An to An


I just experienced the Tachyon Healing Chamber. It was an amazing experience. As if the tachyons were alive, they felt for and found all kinds of damaged areas in my physical and etheric bodies. The foot pain which had plagued me for a year is gone completely after two sessions. And I felt changes in my relationships and subconscious thinking patterns that were an instantaneous shift. So instead of the idea that you have to change you thoughts to change what is happening in your body (something I know but which is very difficult and can take years, especially when speaking of thought patterns we’re not actually aware of), the tachyons just go to where this damage exists in your energy body and heal it! What a great gift to humanity! Thank you!   -Ada


Thank you so much for everything. That was pleasure to meeting you and had the great expiration with Tachion healing.  -Andrzej & Mariola


I wanted to share with you my experiences after the 5 sessions in the beginning of this week. I feel that the energy is still actively working. I don’t know how to describe it but it has to do with my emotional and stress balance. I felt a big relieve during the sessions. At night I slept deeply. I find myself recharged at all levels. With a fresh view on the future, a feeling of everything is possible and a creative force for change.  On the physical part I have a lot of energy and drove for 7 hours without stopping to get back home, without any feeling of tiredness. My twitching nerve is still acting up, but I can feel that the energy has not settled yet and I still expect improvement there. During the sessions I felt lifted out of my body and renewed in a very peaceful way. Physical aches and pains on scars from former surgeries were active and then faded away as the days went by. The Tachyon Counseling experience you offer is a real blessing for anyone who is willing to give it a try. I am Grateful for the experience.   Blessings, Nicole D.


I want to let people know about my experience with the chamber. I did 6 sessions and have felt much more energy. This is important for me as I have a physically demanding profession. I wake up in the morning ready to go. I split the sessions between two weekends doing three sessions each weekend. The energy increase happened after the first three sessions. I brought my dog along whom has allergies that flared up after a rabies vaccine. I believe the chamber has an effect on the immune system as her red, inflamed skin is back to normal. I love getting “tachyonized”. I highly recommend it to anyone. An added bonus is getting to spend time with Dr. Joe who is a delight! My life is much easier now. Blessings, Viki


Thank you Dr. Joseph McNamara for making available this wonderful Tachyon Chamber. Thank you Cobra and other Earth based beings involved in its channeling/construction from our ever-giving Pleiadian brothers and sisters. During each healing session, I felt the energy going to each of the weak spots in my body. The sessions do have a lasting effect and with their help I have renewed faith in my body and spirit’s ability to return to closer alignment with our Loving Source.  -Raymond Monteiro



Just wanted to say that I feel amazing after doing three sessions. Before I went to the Tachyon Counseling Place, I was told that I need a hip replacement. I was on a cane and the only relief that I could get was to lie in bed. Thankfully, after three sessions, which were over this past weekend, I am no longer in pain and even took my dogs on a 1.5 mile walk today as well as did 9 loads of laundry, made dinner, cleaned up after dinner, and took some things down two flights of stairs to the basement for storage. This Tachyon Chamber was great and I am so, so thrilled to have found it as well as Dr. Joe. -Dale Marie Walton


All fractal artwork by Alison Mckenzie

27 thoughts on “Testimonials

    • Dear Matthew,

      Not that I am aware of, but check on http://www.tachyonis.org for updates. Most chambers are privately owned and so only accessible by invitation only. I am the only one who offers it publicly.

      If you are interested in travelling here, I am quite close to Dulles Airport and Washington, DC. You could find a relatively cheap flight and make a wonderful holiday of it!

      Dr. Joseph


  1. I finished six 20-minute sessions in Dr. Joe’s healing chamber about 3 weeks ago. I have waited to post a testimonial because I wanted to give myself some time to observe myself. My theory is that it probably takes the body some time to heal — spontaneous healing is possible, but also more healing probably kicks in 3 or 4 weeks later, or even after that.

    Here’s what I have observed 3 weeks after my six sessions. I may write some more in the future if I continue to have some breakthroughs.
    (1) I had aching tendons around both of my knees before I was in the chamber. About 80 or 90 percent of those aches are gone. I still feel the aches occasionally but it is much better now.
    (2) My head and thinking is clearer and I feel like some negative thinking and perhaps some depression has gone away. I was not a depressed person before, but I feel that some blocks have been removed. This is a very subtle. I don’t feel “high,” but I simply feel more positive and full-speed-ahead about life.
    (3) I think an ache I had in the back of one of my shouulders is gradually going away.

    (4) I had a breast thermagram this morning and had good results. A breast thermagram is an alternative to a mammogram. With a thermagram, a technician uses a camera and takes photos of the “heat map” of the breasts. A doctor elsewhere then reads the photos and I’ll receive the official doctor report in a week or two — but the technician herself gives me immediate feedback on the photos. She knows a lot from doing so many of them.

    The thermagram gives an earlier warning regarding problems, such as inflammation or clog-ups or signs that something is wrong. Six months ago I had a thermagram and it
    indicated some inflammation and heat on one side. It wasn’t extreme, but I wanted to clear up what was showing in the heat map. I wasn’t anticipating coming to the healing chamber six months ago. Anyway, I’ve changed my diet somewhat (to more alkaline, in general, and eliminated meat) and done some other things they recommended.

    This morning my “heat map” was nearly clear. The woman technician, who runs the clinic, told me she had never seen such good results in just six months! She was astounded she said and she sees a lot of people and a lot of results. I think it is the healing chamber that helped me clear this up so quickly.

    (5) I am sleeping more soundly now and feel more relaxed, in general.



  2. I finished six 20-minute sessions in Dr. Joe’s Tachyon Chamber about five weeks ago. I have been suffering from psoriasis for the past five years. About three weeks after the sessions, I noticed a change in my skin. I was touching my face in the middle of the night and was shocked to find my face was smooth and soft and the open sores on the back of my neck were gone! In the morning I examined my body and found only a few sores rather than the usual dozen or so. Now all of the sores are gone and my skin feels great. I am no longer need the industrial strength steroid cream the dermatologist gave me, yeah.

    I have also noticed reduce asthma symptoms and less discomfort in the prostate area. I feel that my health is turning around.
    Thanks Dr. Joe!


  3. I received 5 sessions in the Tachyon Chamber and I have nothing but peaceful sleep at night, no pain in my joints and no more headaches…
    I suffered from chronic pain and fatigue for about 3 years and I am quite satisfied and would definitely recommend this as an alternative to pharmaceutical treatments


  4. Over the course of two days, my wife and I experienced the wonder of the healing chamber. Shoulder pain, knee pain, hand pain, and feet pain all greatly diminished. Overall muscle discomfort was addressed and relieved. We certainly will travel back to receive additional treatments.


  5. It was like dream, my 5 sessions at this heavenly Chamber! Like coming Home after long absence, like opening myself to myself – for me each session was deep meditation and adventure to deepest part of me, which I didn’t experience before… As a results I got a very firm feeling of myself – not like a short condition after a seminar / retreat – after 3 weeks of Tachyon sessions I was thrown to very different life (I’ve got this side-effect) but my feeling and knowledge and “possesion” of myself is only growing! I do enjoy it!
    I’m getting more me, in every aspect of my life! (and the Time now “helps” it a lot ))) )

    My advice: don’t set yourself to anything before the Tachyon session, just relax, breath in/out, and let the God’s wind take you…. Don’t expect any results – you cannot predict the real results after the sessions. Let the flow of life flow ))) And just looking around
    Important – find time after session to be alone – as much as possible – don’t do anything, just walking, breathing, sunbathing – it’s really nice in this small city. Let Tachyons do their work….

    I wish you enjoy this gift to humanity!


  6. Try it! I really urge everyone to try this amazingly intelligent technology. I have had radical healings in body, mind, spirit and deep emotions. During multiple sessions, deep energetic currents brought healing to my joints, brain, eyes, and digestive system. I also had a major heart healing in which I am certain heart disease was prevented. How can words ever express my deepest gratitude. Let’s open our minds to new possibilities not known my medicine, new mysteries not understood by science, and personal miracles never before dreamed. There is a mighty healing power in the universe and the Tachyon Healing Chamber focuses it exactly on you. Thank you! Prem


  7. The Tachyons create another immune system for me. However this one is from the stars. Who couldn’t use a little extra help from our friends. Wonderful experience.


  8. This was a truly wonderful experience. My son and I had 6 sessions each. We felt deep but gentle relaxation in the chamber. On my final session I felt a very interesting sensation. I felt my energy field was being pushed in, and then it all expanded. I felt a kind of transformation, and I feel its on going. Above all, meeting Dr Joe was a truly lovely experience. We both had some very interesting and insightful chats with him. Just being around him was a healing experience! Thank you Dr Joe!


  9. Myself and a friend had been planning to experience this wonderful technology since December, waiting impatiently for warmer weather we finally put our plan into action and drove the few hours from our home to The Tachyon Counseling Center in Waynesboro yesterday. We arrived to be greeted by an utmost kind and intelligent gentleman. I have suffered from Type 1 Diabetes which had caused extremely painful neuropathy in both feet and also a rare immune disease called Addison’s Disease, with one of the most unpleasant symptoms being fatigue. The first day we arrived we had 2 sessions each, and the next day had a third. During my first session I experienced a warm sensation flowing through my legs and feet, particularly in the areas in which I was affected the most. What seemed like less than a minute turned out to be 20, and that lost time in itself surprised me. The second session which was a couple of hours later was a different experience… I felt a faint vibration in my chest with a calming effect. Later that day I felt so full of energy, and at peace within. The pain in my feet had significantly improved, and I felt an increase in overall general well being. My third session this morning I would explain more like a buffer, a polish if you will. I have much less neuropathic pain, I am more centered within and feel renewed. Also I would like to include that I had a cut on my foot, and the next morning after my two sessions it had almost completely healed, overnight! I am so glad I got to do this, discovering the Tachyon Chamber and meeting Dr Mcnamara was a wonderful experience and how lucky was I to be only a couple of hours from the center. We hope to see you again soon in the future and can not wait to see the full effects the chamber has had on our being. Love & Light~


  10. What joy it is to reflect upon my experiences within the Chamber and ongoing changes within my being!! The experience for me was extremely Sacred, truly beyond words, feeling embraced by the Spiritual Worlds. When I first connected with the energy, through conversation with Dr. Joe on the phone, I felt a very strong quickening within me and a building anticipation as we drove to the Chamber. After the first session, I felt filled /held with Grace and and embraced with Love . I slowed way down afterwards and at the same time felt higher vibrations soaring through me with a much greater expansive feeling within. The energies felt very ALIVE, as though they were Beings and there was this sense of the Empowering presence of Life itself. The phlegm that had dogged me for 7 months prior to the experience miraculously went away. I had taken a large box of tissues with me in the car, which I didn’t need afterwards. My sleep deepened that first night and this continues. I find myself smiling a lot and it seems that I have much greater clarity. When negativity arises, I easily let it go. There is the feeling of much greater ALIVENESS. I am more easily able to discern the ‘wheat from the chaff’ in the moment. There is the feeling of an ongoing ‘being tuned up’ and recharged. I love being alone yet also find it easy to remain strong in the presence of negative people, so remaining consciously balanced within is much easier. I notice that my voice is softer and a bit lower. The experience was extremely emotionally supportive and that continues to this day. My heart is full with thanksgiving for the dedication and commitment that Dr. Joe, an extraordinary human being, brings. He is truly a Jewel and this service that he offers is like no other. I also have immense Gratitude to COBRA for bringing this forth, for his ongoing communications for humanity at this critical juncture in history. To any and all who feel the ‘quickening’ in their Soul,’ I encourage you to harken to the call within and journey to the mountains to experience this miraculous adventure. With Love and Blessings, Arielle


    • Dear Arielle,

      I too am in awe of the possibilities of living life without the restrictions and limitations of illusion, especially in terms of health and wholeness.

      Wishing you joy on the Way,
      Dr. Joe


      • Yes, Dr. Joe, the Chamber surely facilitates an awareness beyond the restrictions of the illusion that the Sense world is what is ‘real’. For me, Reality is comprised of not only the phenomena of the sense world but also the very Alive Spiritual Beings present all around us. To let go of the illusions and restrictions is perhaps to open to new possibilities of what it means to be human, and yes, in terms of health and wholeness on every level. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your offering to humanity.
        In Light and in Joy,


  11. My treatments in the Tachyon Chamber were truly amazing and I must stay I am still growing and glowing from the experience. I feel my body is still on the healing path. The medical issues and body aches that I used to have are just about diminished. As for my eyesight, I should have stayed with more treatments instead of going through surgery. Sometimes we make an error in judgement when we want a quick fix.

    I truly appreciated how by body, mind and spirit continue to changed. This experience has been a blessing and eye opener for me and my family. Dr. McNamara, I have you, such gifted being and the Tachyon Chamber to thank for that. My daughter “doubting Thomas” also felt a positive change in her body after her treatments.
    May you continue to expand in your journey and continue to help those who are brave and willing enough to take that step and see how the Tachyon Chamber can affect a positive change to one’s body and mind.

    Dr. McNamara, You are truly a Blessing. Esther and Nikki


    • Dear Esther,

      It is wonderful to hear of your experience! Have no regrets about your choice of surgery. All serves the greater good, as they say.

      Soon I will be adding tachyon laser device to the chamber for augmentation. That should be immense!

      Blessings forever on The Path,
      Dr. Joe


  12. I have experienced a number of sessions over the last 15 months and I feel they are nudging me around in the right direction. My health is also getting better. I continue to pray and meditate and feel my focus is clearer. I am finally realizing what is involved after 40 years of trying. Thank you.


    • Dear Rose,

      Your experience shows the potential available to us now. We are truly into a new age where spirituality and technology are friends, no longer enemies.

      Continued blessings,
      Dr. Joe


  13. Thank you Dr. Joe
    My partner and I just had 5 treatments over 3 days during spring break. It was our only vacation in 2 years, I was suffering from a sinus infection but we found a house sitter and left. We drove from 2 states away and arrived at 4:30 after an 8 hr drive and had our first session, I used my first session as a meditative time with the device tuned into inflammation of my hand joint issues, off I floated into a totally relaxing reverie. I certainly was not expecting after the drive to be so energized afterward and uplifted with total peace of mind and laughing while we left , I suddenly realized an epiphany about myself, I had an ah-Ha moment that explained one of my character defects that suddenly no longer haunted me.
    Driving back to the hotel I realized I could make a fist in both hands with no pain and I could breath and Sinus headaches were gone and at the time of writing this 5 days later still no pain. The next 4 sessions were even better. Our visit on Sunday was very special because we all did the World Meditation together.
    So in conclusion my treatments made me aware of my triggers, helped me spiritually purge,I can now remember my dreams better and they are more lucid, I feel plugged into the Quantum field nearer to Prime Creator, keep my phone and wifi turned OFF much more ( seems short term info does not interest me that much anymore) where as even though I have always been an animal and nature lover, I am more so now.
    yours truly
    Marco from Ohio


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