Return of The Light Activation

On January 21 at 00:11 am EST there will be a total lunar eclipse. Around the world the call has gone out to join together at that time to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and enlighten the energy field around our planet.

Please see for further details.


The Physics of The Chamber

One of the benefits of exposure to the chamber vortex is syntropy. The experience of time and space become altered. Many clients observe this phenomenon without any prompting from me. The interaction with personal will and intent open up all possibilities.

So we have a technology that trumps the “imprisonment” of time and space! Choose well.

Photobiomodulation (PBM)

Medical therapies are finally breaking out of the strictures of the past. Light is now the “wave” of the future. Not only does the sun give us vitamin D but, at sunrise and sunset, we can experience near-infra red and its healing effects.

It has been called low-level light therapy but now has an even better moniker of PhotoBioModulation. It works by boosting ATP, the energy molecule in each cell. No doubt it also effects DNA function. If Olympic athletes are using it to help with performance you can bet the effects are real!

While in the chamber you can also experience the effect of near-infra red light, projected coherently through a laser in fractal geometric patterns.

Tachyons and entropy

Tom Campbell (of The Monroe Institute near Waynesboro, VA) in his book, “My Big Toe¬† The Theory of Everything”, shows how we evolve by lowering our entropy. The tachyon chamber lowers entropy and this is one of its mechanisms of action. Clients frequently notice alterations in their perceptions of time, especially dilation of such. It certainly explains the more remarkable experiences (on the Testimonial Page of this site) in terms of the change-of-space and change-of-time pixels in the holographic reality in which we dwell.

Intent then raises the probability of the desired future in resonance with our I Am Presence, transmuting the paradoxical nature of our experience.