Resonating with Earth

As part of my process of observing the experiences of clients here, one notable observation is that my playing of the Schumann frequency or natural sounds in the background during the last of the series of sessions augments the experience profoundly. So bring your favorite Solfeggio melodies with you and you can play them while you in the chamber!

Gravity Waves

Recently we got news that from UC Santa Monica that gravity waves have finally been proven to exist. Now Nassim Haramein in his latest presentation at TEDx shows that gravity moves at 64c, where c=the speed of light. So we get more disclosure of the reality beyond the third-density hologram!

And we see that number, 64, as yet more evidence of the scaling law, as above so below. The flower of life is the largest stable structure of spheres within a sphere, 64. And the morula, the 64-celled human embryo, is its manifestation in our growth as an organism.