Up-Grades to the Chamber

I am pleased to announce that, with the acquisition of a quantum flux resonator and a Pleiadean stargate, the experience of being in a chamber has become even better.

See http://www.tachyonis.org for more information .

5 thoughts on “Up-Grades to the Chamber

    • Many happy returns, Siobhan!

      It seems that mail to and from The EU is being delayed for weeks. A present I sent to my brother has still not made it there.

      Nollaig shona dhuit!


  1. Greetings Dr Joe,

    It is good to hear from you! I will check out the info you have provided and get back with you.

    I imagine you are navigating your way through this Capricorn new moon quiet nicely.. So many changes upon the horizon in the world as we have known it!

    I am excited to having incarnated at this exciting time on planet Earth! The ending of Kali Yuga, age of Pices, into the Sat Yuga, age of Aquarius, is a recipe for explosive changes!! I am trying to keep myself aligned with the higher vibrational energies in order to make this transition as smooth as possible! Since my sun sign is in Aquarius it may be challenging to keep my feet on the ground as we rise higher in our level of consciousness! Perhaps having my moon in Taurus, will help keep me grounded! 💫🤗

    I would enjoy keeping in touch if you are so inclined.

    Blessings of joy and love, Teresa


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