The New Atlantis Grid

It is now apparent that immense changes are occurring, with an acceleration of our evolution towards ascension. The impact of the Cintamani stones have turned the tide towards victory for the Light. Cobra has shown how an enormous angelic vortex is created upon implantation in our beloved Mother’s soil.

It has been the experience of visitors to the chamber, in combination with a stone, that the angel and the associated vortexial force field are sensed. If you have felt the call to experience the chamber and to purchase a stone of your own (at cost) concurrently then now is a good time!

Victory is ours!!

Upgrade in effectiveness

It is my distinct pleasure to announce a very major upgrade in the effectiveness of the tachyon chamber . I had noticed an increase in potency but assumed it was due to the combination of chamber and laser . Either way this is a most excellent development !

Tachyon laser

Starting two days from now I will be offering a new add-on to the chamber. It is a tachyon laser which focuses on issues, in the four lower bodies, that mean the most to you. The charge will be $40 for twenty minutes and it can be performed concurrently with the chamber session.

Both modalities together cost $100.

For more detail on tachyon laser see


Once again the issue of implants has arisen. Until The Event occurs and darkness finally dissolves in this realm, the combination of the chamber and a Cintamani Stone is the best way to mitigate the effects of this nefarious technology. For those who do not possess such a stone I have them available (usually!) for purchase when you are here to experience the chamber.