Dealing with the scalar and implant assault

It is apparent that, as we get closer to Ascension, the insanity of the dark ones increases in response, “roaming the earth seeking those whom they may devour”.

There are many awake and aware healers who offer their services to their fellow light workers and warriors, such as

And there are technologies gifted to us by our Pleiadean cousins in order to aid is in this process. To them tachyon technology is ideally suited. And Cobra has been one of leaders in making this available across the globe.

Decontaminating our personal environment is always the first place to start. The scalar and “smart” technologies can be mitigated by both avoidance (if possible) and use of dielectric or orgone devices, many of which can be purchased on the internet. Having your own Cintamani Stone in your auric field is very important. These are Sirian technology in action!

Implants are very adherent and difficult to deal with since they already are within our higher energy bodies. By far the best way to mitigate their effectiveness is the combination of placing a Stone over an implant-site while being immersed in a tachyon chamber. Cobra has advised that these sites are in the frontal lobes, the mid-brain, and solar plexus.

Now that there are numerous chambers available, including five in America, it would be a judicious use of time and effort to avail of them.

Second anniversary celebration

Amazingly, two years have passes since Tachyon Counseling Center opened. It was the first time that the chamber was available to the general public and many people have attested to the positive impact on their lives, here on the Testimonials Page.

As part of that celebration during the month of March, visitors can now have seven sessions for the price of five. The forest here begins to awaken to its Spring glory so it would be a lovely time to visit! Also, you may not be aware that Waynesboro is the geometric center of the state of Virginia, secretly named so in honor of Goddess Isis by the English initiates of Her mysteries.

Plus, if you have not acquired a Cintamani Stone, there should be some available here to add to your experience.

Happy trails!