The Veil of Isis is disintegrating

The Compression Breakthrough has started! She, Isis, the Woman with The Crown of Stars in The Apocalypsos of John, is to be restored to Her former glory in the mystical marriage within our own psyches.

A great healing (or coherence) on all levels is to be initiated. The tachyon chamber performs its portion of that healing by filtering space and time of anomaly construct.

Andromedan technolgy

As of today I am now offering as a free add-on service the holographic projector, as developed by Fred Ball, PhD.

The chamber works passively but now, with this Andromedan device, the client can interface with intent, starting at the mental plane and following energies through the other six planes simultaneously, thus creating a merger of consciousness and the holographic nature of space-time. As Dr. Bell said, “Energy follows thought”.