What are Tachyons?

Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. They are particles that infuse physical matter with spiritual light. Tachyonization is a technological process that impregnates the physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons and thus it permanently changes quantum properties of atomic nuclei which compose that matter. Please continue reading for more clarification.

How can Tachyon Technology help me?

Tachyon particles vibrate at a subatomic level. What that means is that physical chemical composition is not altered by contact with Tachyons. The vibration is more subtle, although somewhat tangible.

Tachyons move faster than light, and thereby seem to decrease the entropy of physical matter. Because of this, it may reverse the aging process and strengthen the immune system. It also harmonizes chaotic electromagnetic fields in the human living environment.

Since tachyons influence our higher energy bodies as well as the physical, they can accelerate our spiritual growth dramatically.

Because of all above mentioned reasons tachyon energy has a very positive effect on our health and well-being.

What will a session be like?

Joseph McNamara will conduct the session and can counsel you holistically in any health issues you are experiencing. The bed itself is similar to spending time in a tanning bed. The client will enter into the chamber which has been aligned using sacred geometry.

The sessions last initially for twenty minutes and tend to have a cumulative effect. Allow three to five sessions, one daily, to gauge your results. Clients have reported ease in nerve and arthritic pain, as well increased vitality, energy, and productivity. As this is a new technology, we make no medical claims.

During your session, you can also use Dr. McNamara as a resource. Due to his decades of work in the medical field, he can be of help if you have received a diagnosis from an allopathic doctor, yet don’t fully understand what it means.

At our office, there is time and attention to answer all your questions and address all your issues, on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

Do stop by to meet Joseph McNamara and see the tachyon chamber for yourself !

How can I buy a Tachyon Chamber for my own healing practice? 

Tachyon Chambers are currently manufactured in Europe.

Joseph McNamara is perhaps the first person in the United States to purchase and own his own chamber, and would be happy to help you place your order and shipment.

Please send a message on the contact page if you’re interested in more information.

Fractal Artwork by Alison Mckenzie

38 thoughts on “Tachyons

  1. Hello. I have been reading about this machine. Could you tell me how much they are, including freight as l live in australia. Also your teachings are taught in VIrginia?
    Awaiting your reply. Taylor


  2. Dr. Joe,
    Can you provide more information about your process, time involved and cost. I live in Richmond and may want to visit.
    Thanks Gary


    • Yes, Gary.

      The process involves exposing the person to tachyon particles. These have effects that can be researched elsewhere but I recommend an initial series of three to five sessions, lasting twenty minutes. They can be scheduled daily, even at weekends. The cost is $3 per minute. Over time, as needed, longer sessions can be scheduled.

      It’s a lovely time of the year to visit now so I look forward to seeing you. I am right off I-64.

      Dr. Joe


      • Hi Dr Joe, I was wondering if there is anyone doing this therapy in the Atlanta Area?
        Thanks, Piper


      • Not that I am aware of, Piper. Someone may have one but keeps it private.

        There is a direct flight from Atlanta to Charlottesville, however!


  3. Dr. joe,
    I would like to schedule some time for a session. If we connect today, Monday 5/11, I can make it there around noon. Otherwise , I would like to schedule for next Monday 5/18 or Tuesday after 11 or so.
    Thanks Gary


  4. Just wanted to say that I feel amazing after doing three sessions. Before I went to the Tachyon Counseling Place, I was told that I need a hip replacement. I was on a cane and the only relief that I could get was to lie in bed. Thankfully, after three sessions, which were over this past weekend, I am no longer in pain and even took my dogs on a 1.5 mile walk today as well as did 9 loads of laundry, made dinner, cleaned up after dinner, and took some things down two flights of stairs to the basement for storage. This Tachyon Chamber was great and I am so, so thrilled to have found it as well as Dr. Joe.
    Dale Marie


  5. Dear sir, Id like to ask about your clients that have had multiple sessions in the chamber in regards to emotional well being? Problems such as self anger, self sabotage, closed up walls with others, holding back emotionally with others, feeling of rejection or unlovability…. things like this, thanks


    • Hi, Charley.

      Of course I cannot reveal details about individual clients; but many have experienced help with emotional and mental issues which, of course, have produced improvements in physical health too. The chamber is a most-welcome addition to a plethora of quantum tools that will soon be available.

      Dr. Joe


  6. Good day Dr. Joe. The five sessions I did in the chamber in March has helped me both mentally and physically. I notice that I can more easily move myself from the negative thinking into a more positive state. The negative issues in the past would last for several days/weeks. Somehow now I can re balance myself and focus more in the direction of my intent. I have more energy and most times just feel good! The person traveling with me had several physical concerns. She has noticed a balancing of her energy also. She is over 80 years of age and was always amazing to me, however, after her surgery, she did not have the high energy level as before. I see that is returning!!!! Thank you for taking the time and effort to speak with us. It was like encountering a good friend that I had not seem in some time and enjoying each moment of it. Thank you. The trip was most amazing in all respect! We met with wonderful people from the hotel personnel to the many shops and restaurants we visited. Most amazing!!!! We made friends and have been invited to visit again, which we shall. Love and Peace. Muriel


    • Dear Muriel,

      It was my pleasure to meet you both and share the journey of discovery and healing. We are truly in a new golden age of transcendence.

      Blessings for eternity,
      Dr. Joe


    • Dear Gina,

      I have no way of saying so. My only advice is to experience the chamber and see what happens. Once again, I cannot make any claims since the device is not FDA-approved. Nonetheless, the more data-points that can be acquired the better the science and applications thereof.

      Dr. Joe


  7. Dr Joe could you please let me know if there are any contraindications for using the Tachyon Chamber? Both my wife and myself have a number of issues that through the practice of many of the alternative healing techniques over the past decades have not prevented these issues from manifesting. We are living in New Zealand, but will be in Minneapolis at Easter time and possibly could extend our journey to Waynsboro to have the experience of the tachyons on our being. With thanks for your reply, Henk Brouwer


    • Dear Henk,

      There are no contraindications to using the chamber. Tachyons are altered by the geometry of the chamber to act in a beneficial way for each of our lower bodies: astral. etheric, mental, and physical. The tachyon laser adds the qualities of altered (tachyonised) light.

      It would be my privilege to meet you both.

      Dr. Joe


  8. Hi Joe. My friend Jean and I (we both had sessions with you in Arkansas last month) will be in Virginia Beach for the ARE conference in May and could come to Waynesboro on May 8&9 and both would like to have sessions in the chamber. Do you have appointments available those days and is it OK to have more than one session per day as we understand that you recommend 3 or more sessions I believe we can only come for those 2 days although we might arrive the evening of the 7th


    • Dear Jeanine,

      I would be happy to set you both up with appointments on those days. And, yes, two sessions per day are possible. If you arrive on the evening of the &th you will be able to have four sessions!

      Blessings on the journey,
      Dr. Joe


      • Hi Joe. That is great news. Please set up appointments for Jean and I on May 8&9 where we can both have 2 sessions each day. 😄! Let me know what times you set up. We will be coming up on the evening of the 7rh. Do you have recommendation on a hotel? Thank you!


      • You are very welcome, Jeanine.

        Both of you have appointments set for 9am and 4pm each day. The Comfort Inn is just off I-64 and they offer a discount if you are going to Tachyon Counseling. The telephone number is (540)932-3060.


  9. My name is Ralph Black, I have gone 2 the hospital back 2 back still no great results of them taking care of my kidney infection. Almost died 2 times due 2 body having an allergic reaction 2 medicine. Entire body swollen up & it took them 45 minutes 2 have Benadryl approved by Dr. I’m a person who eats healthy & once I had my 1st colonoscopy my health begin 2 change drastically. Always sleeping & no energy & cold. I was always energetic & warm nature. Now the medicine is affecting my eyes are running of tear drops & burns & hurt 2 touch.


  10. Dr McNamara,

    Our visit this past week 3/4,5,6/21 was tremendous! I learned so much and feel so much better. I’m glad we both did all 5 sessions too. Joseph is amazed and feels much better as well. He is optimistic

    We left Waynesboro early Sunday morning and arrived back in Kentucky that evening. It was the first night in a long time that Eric (Joseph) hasn’t awakened me with his Neuropathy flaring in the middle of the night! Looking forward to more positives and hoping to visit again.

    God bless you and your work!

    Don Lott


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