Scalar science and tachyon health

I am quoting again from Dr. Fred Bell:

“Scalar waves travel at the speed of thought which is, of course, instantaneous.The unique thing about a scalar wave is that the moment the positive component is properly generated, the negative component is generated from the target source. Moving in a geometric form known as a trapezoid, they oscillate from earth-resonant frequencies to speeds well beyond that of light. Their targets are always in the subatomic spectra of the nuclei of atoms of the objects targeted; or, in the case of human and animal targets, directly affecting the neuron synapses in their respective brains. They can be used to shorten or lengthen the lives of all living targets. They can move objects in and out of a person’s possession”.

Pleiadian Technology

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Fred Bell’s book, “Rays of Truth – Crystals of Light”:

“Using Pleiadian technology, the Andromedans work through non-infected human beings……… Non-infected humans are people who express a positive aura field that is in harmony with the universe.

As many [healing] technologies go into effect worldwide, a networking program is being put into place. This network moves into the arena of “time” and puts into place a ‘holograph’ synchronized by the combined action of the minds of the New Age souls”.

He wrote this in 1999 and now we see the network of healing chambers being established as he predicted.