First Year Anniversary

It has been a very interesting first year at the site of the first publicly-available tachyon chamber on the planet. Here are a few empiric observations accumulated in that time:

The best results are seen in those that have the most difficulty. This may seem odd since my medical training would indicate otherwise.

The higher the vibration of the body system the better the effect, i.e., the neurological system, and especially pain. The immune system is probably next and then the integumentary system.

A rough estimate is the ninety five percent of clients experienced help. There is a study on-going now at the medical school at the University of Vienna involving tachyon chambers so let’s see what their scientific observations are!

It seems that we are only limited by our imagination. Everything is possible.

Have a blessed Easter. Remember He said that we all can ascend as He did!








As a way to encourage visitors to have a full set of five sessions I am now offering a sixth session that is free of charge. Together with other tachyon devices that I use in conjunction with the chamber this will maximize the effects as we prepare for The Event.