Please don’t hesitate to call our office with any questions or to book your sessions.

Phone: (540) 221-2794

Address: 510-F West Broad Street, Waynesboro, VA 22980, United States of America


You can ignore Google Map’s street view. This photo shows the Colonnade where you can find our office.

office view


The Tachyon Counseling Center is centrally located in Virginia, in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. This area is a hub of historic sites with many wineries and breweries nearby.

Easily accessible via interstate with nearby entrances to the Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive and the Appalachian Trail, Waynesboro is a charming destination as well as an ideal hub for day trips and excursions to surrounding areas.


If you need accommodations for your visit, our office can let you know the best and closest ones, and can offer a hotel discount.

Feel free to leave a comment in the form at the bottom of this page and we will respond as soon as possible.


185 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello,

    I am interested in making an appointment for treatment around the middle of August. Also, i would like more information about investing in a tachyon chamber. I listened to the interview with Dr Joe on the ground crew show, sent an email to the address that was given for potential investors, but did not receive a reply. Any information or contacts you can give me is appreciated.

    Thank you,



    • Hi, Debra!

      You can call any time to make appointments, and I work on weekends and holidays too! The interviewer, Unknown Light Warrior, gave out his personal e-mail address. His web-site is On Facebook he can be reached at

      I look forward to meeting you and sharing my experiences with the chamber and associated tachyon technology.

      Blessings, as always,
      Dr. Joe


      • Hi Dr. Joe, happy easter, hope you are fine 🙂
        Josette and myself would like to come for a treatment for about 3-4 days 2nd half of May, which dates would be suitable to you so we can arrange for flights, many thanks in advance and have a wonderful day


      • Greetings, Ursus!
        If you call the office, my assistant will give you appointments. You also can wait until I get back to speak to me personally. Josette can stay longer in the chamber if she wishes since she has been tachyonized.


  2. Hello Dr. Joe,

    I have called but not sure if your phone is working. I would like for my friend and I to come in around 3:00 August 28th, for two sessions, three sessions Saturday, and two on Sunday. Please let me know if this is possible. Have a great day!


  3. Dear Sir,
    Do you have any information if your treatment helps bring down symptoms of radiation exposure from radiation therapy used on cancer patients?



    • Dear Pavan,

      Since the chamber is not FDA-approved I cannot make any claims as to efficacy. The only way to know is to have at least three sessions and continue to be evaluated by your regular doctor.

      Tachyons work at the sub-atomic level and increase coherence of each of the lower bodies. Please read the testimonials and sense if this can be of benefit to you on your healing journey.

      Blessings, as always,
      Dr. Joe


  4. How long have you been working on the technology and have you seen vast improvements in results over time….? How much does a Chamber cost to purchase?


    • Dear Thomas,

      I purchased the chamber in 2015 and there are many testimonials as its efficacy, both great and small. I myself can attest to its revolutionary effects on all levels. The cost of the chamber may have varied. Contact for the latest updates.

      Blessings and health,
      Dr. Joe


  5. Dear Sir, I would like to receive more information regarding Andromen technology equipment and what type of equipment they are and what the values are.
    For kindness
    Winston Cook


  6. Hello again. I spoke with you by phone over a month ago about my Mon getting treatment for Dementia, and lack of mobility. Is it possible to do the 5 sessions in less than 5 days? Is it possible to start the sessions on the 8th of Nov. late afternoon? I would call, but I don’t have a cell phone right now and won’t have one until after the 8th. Please let me know. Thank you for your time.


    • Yes, Deborah. We can schedule two sessions per day if that suits you better. I will set her up for 4:30pm on the 8th and stagger the other four over the next two days.

      Blessings and safe journey,
      Dr. Joe


      • That will be great … I guess I should have checked back here before posting again on another page. Sorry for the duplicate post. I was thinking of staying at the Comfort Inn since it is so close to you. Do you give discounts for that hotel? Thank you again for your time.


  7. Can you give me a minimum and maximum of what I can expect for a 89 year old with dementia, with little mobility, and poor energy? Also she is set in her ways and she doesn’t trust the people I trust was her words, so I have to convince her to do this treatment. My brother wants to sent her to a nursing home immediately after we return from VA. I’m expected to take her back to Ohio with me to put in a home. She is in MD living with my brother … finishing her physical therapy at his home. She was in rehab for a month … a urinary track infection cause her to become a great fall risk, she lost some mobility. Does it take a while for the treatment to take effect? Is there a chance she could show some improvement immediately after treatments? I plan for her to have the light treatment too. Please respond. Thank you for your time.


    • Dear Deborah,
      It is important to trust your intuition now since her prognosis is poor. I cannot make any guarantees since The FDA does not recognize anything other than drugs to treat her condition. All I can offer as input in your decision-making is to ask you to read the testimonials on this site and see if something resonates for you.

      I am available even on weekends.

      Best wishes to everyone who loves her.

      Blessings, as always,
      Dr. Joe


  8. Dr. Joe … I don’t consider the FDA to be a reliable source and is as corrupt as the rest of the high levels of government. My intuition is telling me to get my Mom there on the 8th no matter what. It is telling me this is the best chance we have of getting her well again, and prevent putting her in a nursing home.

    I would like to schedule 3 treatments for myself if you can do it those days you will be working with my Mom. I’m sure it will ease any apprehension she may have doing the treatments herself. I will be getting a cell phone before the trip and will call you. I am looking forward to meeting you.


  9. Dr. McNamara,
    Can you put the following into your testimonials section? I could not figure out how to add a testimonial directly into the section. I am sorry this took so long; my life is always so busy!:

    I and my son experienced the chambers for 5 sessions in October, 2017. My son has a chronic condition related to vaccine injury; he was the motivation for attending the chamber. It is notable that he felt the effects of the chamber’s energies specifically at points on his body related to the immune system: thymus, appendix, thyroid and spleen; this is significant in that immune system compromise is the root of his issues. In addition, he reported that he felt very relaxed, which can be difficult for him to achieve given the nature of the discomforts that he experiences on a regular basis. Is he cured of his imbalances and damage? No. However, I believe the chambers confirmed the source of his issues, and helped kick start a process. I also entered the chamber for 3 sessions, and had what can only be called profound spiritual experiences related to chakra balancing. Also, my ability to enter into a deep relaxation was interesting; it was if the chamber took me into my inner being with little effort. I also noted that my mind was active on a third dimensional level as if I was watching the higher dimensional events from the 3D perspective. The only comparable experience is lucid dreaming in which one seems to step away from the dreaming self and watch events unfold while experiencing the effects of the events simultaneously. I have experienced this in a waking, meditative states; however, it requires intense focus to reach this state – within the chamber it occurred with ease. The experience, overall, was amazing and worth the trip!
    A nice place to stay while there is Montfair Resort Farm in Crozet. While it is a bit of a drive to and from (about 25 miles), it made for a nice environment where my son could relax between sessions – a comfortable cabin with all amenities (a kitchen fully stocked with all necessary cookware, etc.- for me this is vital as my son cannot eat out) by a lake surrounded by woods with hiking, fishing and bike trails. And the prices are very reasonable.


  10. Have there been efforts to use Vogel crystals treated with Tachyons for 14 days? I am coming to see you; We met for a 30-minute session at Earth-Keepers this year.


    • Not that I am aware of, Jon. It might be worth your asking the people at

      I have a Vogel crystal at home that I use myself. Together with the chamber the Andromedan Projector seems to be a very effective tool since it works at the scalar level, just like the Vogel. The angles on all the apices of the pyramids are Golden/Phi.

      Safe travels,
      Dr. Joe


    • Dear Lloyd,

      Since the chamber is not FDA-approved for the diagnosis or treatment of any condition, I cannot comment on its effectiveness. The recommendation for any visitor is always three to five sessions. If you traveling from afar it makes sense to have five.

      Blessings forever,
      Dr. Joe


  11. Dr. Joe,

    My husband was just down to see you with great success! I would like to book sessions for myself as soon as possible in February. Do you have any openings available?

    Thank you!


  12. Hey Dr Joe,
    I would like to come in for 5 sessions spread over 3 days as I am traveling from 8 hours away.
    Could we do this in Aug 20-Aug 22nd?
    What time does your office open and when do you close?


    • Dear Joan,

      Since the chamber is not a FDA-approved device I cannot and will not make any claims as to efficacy. Study the testimonials here and then sense if this modality can be helpful for the condition that you mention.

      If there is considerable disability involved I may need the assistance of one able-bodied person to place the client in and remove her/him from the chamber.

      Blessings always,
      Dr. Joe


  13. Dear Dr. McNamara:

    I have already written to you and followed up as well in phone conversations about the positive affects I’ve experienced after the five sessions in the tachyon chamber last June, 2018, however, let me put those statements on record here.
    I discovered your work via my active participation in a California based group concerned with promoting truthful articles of importance and alternative paths that featured announcements about tachyon healing techniques and the opening of tachyon chambers.
    A recent full medical check up found me to be in the best of health, short of the loss of hearing in one ear 20 years ago and, in more recent years, a slow decline in being able to hear in my other ear, an event which almost everyone in my midst advised me to get a hearing aid to remedy. During the thorough medical tests, one of the auditory medical specialists called for an MRI which was performed. The MRI revealed a small, non-malignant tumor, termed an acoustic melanoma, was discovered pinching the main nerve in the ear where I couldn’t hear, and this was determined to be the actual cause of the hearing loss 20 years ago, not misdiagnosed middle ear damage that a doctor described shortly after the loss of hearing.
    Because the benign growth was located close to the edge of brain where it could lead to death, I was then referred to one of the more competant brain surgeons here in Louisiana. His description of the problem was matter of fact: while such tumors are known to grow only very slowly, they may require either radiation therapy or surgical removal [the incidence of this type of tumor is high enough that a national support society was established years ago, a group he advised me to contact].
    I was aware of the potential for tachyon chamber treatment as a potential remedial action that had proven successful in combating cancerous material even as serious in nature as having arrived at ‘fourth stage’ terminal conditions. I was also aware that benign tumors may not be reduced in size by treatments, however, I wondered if the hearing in my other ear might be improved. My intuitive thoughts turned out to be justified in that I can report that my hearing has improved to stable conditions since the five tachyon chamber sessions. The ringing in my head, a condition referred to as tinnitus, has not improved in the long run now, however, just after the sessions, there was lessened tinnitus. [This condition is not known to be curable, and traditional ear doctors say it is due to problems associated with damage to ear nerves, in my case, perhaps the pinched auditory nerve].
    So, thank you for the benefits I’ve experienced and I would look forward to further treatments to determine whether greater improvements might occur, or just to experience the many other forms of spiritual or mental benefits that are certainly possible with regular tachyon sessions which certainly do not cost much!
    Thank you,
    Rob Wold
    New Orleans


  14. Hello Dr. Joe. I very recently discovered your website and I’m glad I did. I want to schedule a session for myself in January (or a series of sessions, rather). I am hoping I can talk my brother into going with me. I also am curious about the above statement — until The Veil is dissolved; do you discuss this in any of your videos? or in an article?


    • Greetings, Ronnie!
      It will be great to meet you both. I can see you on New Year’s Day, as well as weekends, as needed for your convenience.
      I probably mention The Veil in some of my presentations. It is what prevents tachyons from reaching Gaia and thus preventing ascension. It is present since Atlantean times, placed there by The Sons of Baal. This explains why everything is inverted here (in The Matrix) and that we only experience entropy.
      Blessings on The Journey,
      Dr. Joe


      • Hi Dr. Joe!
        I again want to schedule some tachyon chamber sessions with you. Will you be open the three days on Memorial Day weekend? I attempted to call you but it didn’t go through. I got a voice message saying that my call was blocked. Do you have an email address I could use? Or a phone number that I will accept text messages? If you will be open, do I need to schedule in advance or just show up at your office?
        Ron Wright

        Liked by 1 person

  15. My cousin’s grand daughter, at the age of 5, is fighting DIPG. I have sent my cousin your information. Would these sessions be advantageous for the grand daughter?


    • Dear Amy,
      I cannot claim that the chamber can help in any form of illness, even for one as extremely serious as this. Reading the testimonials here, you can see how many have experienced benefit over the last few years.
      It MAY be an useful addition to the therapy outlined by her physicians. However, it is not approved by The FDA for the diagnosis or treatment of ANY condition. Knowing that, being here may result in positive benefits that none of us can foresee. Inner guidance is essential, as always.
      Blessings in all your ways,
      Dr. Joe


  16. Dear Dr Joe,
    I am writing from the other end of the world (Reunion Island) ! I understand apointments have to be taken by phone but at least could you tell if there are periods where you are fully booked so i can schedule my trip according ?
    Thank you and sorry for my english!!!


    • Good morning, Stephanie! Bon jour.
      I can give you appointments any time you wish to be here, even weekends. Since I have your e-mail address I will now send you a message.
      Dr. Joe


  17. Hi Dr McNamara!
    I live 87 mi away in Richmond & would be able to easily drive the 1 1/2 hrs for appts on any
    given day-
    So my question is this:
    Do the 3-5 recommended sessions have to be on consecutive days? -OR-
    Can they be scheduled weekly/monthly?
    I read all of the ‘comments’ sections on your website, & you advised one of your clients that the sessions are cumulative as none of the previous sessions are lost-
    My friend & I are interested in experiencing the sessions but have no immediate health issues-
    She works Mon-Fri so a Saturday or Sunday appt would probably be best-
    We both have Cintamani stones as well for approx 1 1/2 years & are both in the healing arts field (massage therapist & Healing Touch practitioner)-
    I have watched your videos on your website as well, and I am also on your email list-
    The Tachyon Chamber has been coming into my ‘higher thoughts’ several times recently, so I am ‘honoring’ the ‘message’ to contact you!
    Love & Light!
    Bette Bowman


    • Dear Bette,
      I am happy to see you both next weekend. You can have two sessions on both Saturday and Sunday. Just call me tomorrow and I can schedule you. Yes, the sessions can be scheduled weekly.
      Happy trails,
      Dr. Joe


  18. I have an appointment set for Saturday Morning. Please send me the phone number for the Comfort inn that you recommend>


  19. Dear Dr Joe:

    I will be traveling through your area April 8th & 9th (next week). Is it possible to schedule multiple sessions over the course of these days? If so, would you also be willing to recommend a place to tent nearby? I do hope we can arrange something. My schedule is a bit flexible if these days do not work well for you.



    • Dear Paula,
      You can have two sessions on the 8th, 9 am and 4:30 pm. On the 9th, at 9:45 am and 3:30 pm.
      If, by “tent”, you mean camp, there is a campground just North of Waynesboro.
      Call to confirm, please.
      Dr. Joe


  20. Dr Joe,

    Hi I am Dr. Susan Smith, ND from Kentucky. My sister Betty Harper had contacted you the other day. I am interested in opening a Tachyon Chamber here in my community. Betty expressed your offering to guide us to products to purchase for such a room. If that is possible please contact me.

    Dr. Susy


  21. Hi Dr. McNamara, My name is Colleen and I am Sheldan Nidle’s wife. During Sheldan’s absence, Miles and I offer monthly webinars to keep PAO thriving and active. We would love to have you as our guest for Sunday, June 23 from 3pm to 4:30pm Eastern time (or July). I will call you tomorrow or when we return from Petaluma for our third set of 3 sessions in the tachyon chamber. Thank you for your consideration. Blessings, Colleen


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