5 thoughts on “Interview of Cobra and me

  1. Dear Dr. Mc Manara, my name is Giovanni Occhiochiuso and I am writing to you from Italy. I have been a Holistic Practitioner for thirty years. For the past few months, I have been purchasing tachyon products that I am using every day for myself and my patients. I am extraordinarily surprised by the effects of this new technology. Use of crystal pieces and tachyonized silica discs with Radiesthesia and Radionics. What I am noticing is a relaxation that is felt on all Bodies, from the mental, Astral, Etheric and this translates into a gentle change of character as well. Days ago I wrote to Cobra about the cost of the Tachyon Chamber. Unfortunately, at least for the moment, I am not able to afford to make this economic investment. I hope in the near future to be able to do it because the news that a Tachyon Chamber already exists has made me happy. It would make me just as happy if I could see some pictures of this Chamber. Is it possible to see one? I apologize for making this request. Last night I saw the video of the first July 2020: 78FESIGth Meeting and I didn’t understand if the MED BEDS really exist and if the Tachyon Camera has the same function. Could you please give me more precise information about it? I have some difficulty understanding English especially when speaking fast.
    I heartily thank you for your attention and your kindness and the service you perform for Humanity.


    • Dear Giovanni,

      I am so glad that you have found the tachyon technology to be helpful. We are motivated to help our fellow humankind.

      Cobra has advised me not to share images of the chamber since fake chambers can be created and now are sold on-line.

      My understanding is that Med-Beds are real and have been used in The Secret Space Programme for many years. We have paid for these but have not benefitted in any way! They apparently use holography and re-create the individual pattern that is present in every cell, resident in our DNA. If tachyons are used, they are more of a substrate that build out the resonant pattern. Images of these Med-Beds can be seen on-line.

      I wish you every success in your life-work.

      Blessings always,
      Dr. Joe


      • Dear Dr. Joe, I tried to watch this interview, but unfortunately it has been removed and it’s not on the FESIG channel either.

        What caught my eye in your comment was the part where you mentioned you had paid for “these” without any benefit. Do you mean you paid for some type of access to a Med-Bed or did you actually purchase one? If they’re a part of a secret programme, how is that possible? I might be misunderstanding. Could you clarify? Thank you so much!


  2. I did not realise that the video had been removed for “harassment and bullying”. How absurd. But truth and light are not welcomed, Pat.

    When I said that we paid for them, I meant that we citizens had our taxes used to pay for these Med-Beds that benefitted only a tiny minority. This concept is shown in the movie, “Elysium”, where a Med-Bed is displayed.

    Thank you for your comment!


    • Ah, gotcha! Thanks for clarifying. I really enjoyed the movie when I watched it years ago. The idea of these beds they showed seems so… sci-fi, given the current model of reality we live in. I’m not doubting it’s possible.But it feels to me like we are nowhere near using (or even inventing) these types of devices. That’s also why I was asking you in the other comment what you felt like the time frame of these technologies becoming mainstream is. Trying to educate myself.

      Yes, “harassment and bullying” sounds totally ridiculous. I was hoping the other channel you mentioned would still have it. No luck either.


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