The Galactic Codex

To all visitors to the chamber I will offer the ability to sign The Galactic Codex. This can be viewed on , dated April 4, 2012.

The signatures, including my own, will be added to the chamber whenever there is a mass meditation in order to signify our relationship to the whole and make it manifest as our hearts-desire.

2 thoughts on “The Galactic Codex

  1. Dr. Joe I’ve been enjoying your website the lectures with the earth keepers community. I spent time in Boulder in 2014 wish I knew about this. Wonderful about Atlantis, curious if Lemuria came after…more late. . I should share I am from NOva Scotia, Canada, and have Irish and Scottish roots on my mothers side. I write to ask about this page. You mentioned the codex and signing up, but could not find the place to sign. You can enlighten me when I come for my session. Now I better understand your relationship to the counseling you do. True stewardship. Mahalo


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