William Henry and The Cintamani Stone

Here is a great reference article: http://www.williamhenry.net/2017/04/there-is-a-light-being-within/

As usual, I should have these stones available for sale when you visit me in Virginia.

One thought on “William Henry and The Cintamani Stone

  1. I keep forgetting to tell you this.

    When we were still in Waynesboro Loretta said she had less pain in her neck. Remember she has no discs in her neck. She ignored the pain for years and recently it got a ton worse then she couldn’t turn it. To drive she had to turn her whole body.

    A few days ago she told me she could turn her neck a little to the left now! YEAH! I was so hoping Tachyon would help her!

    Sylvia Mock

    Power House Real Estate Business: (505) 352-5800 Mobile: (505) 239-0548 http://www.Move2Albuquerque.com


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