4 thoughts on “Free book on Atlantis and Ireland

  1. How do I get this free book. I’ve been trying to bring it up and it has not been working.

    On Fri, Jun 21, 2019, 3:29 PM Tachyon Counseling wrote:

    > jgmcnamara posted: “If ancient history interests you, please take a look > at the “Books” page at mt first (free) book.” >


  2. Thank You for the book. I have also watched the YouTube on the subject dating back to 2015 on the subject. The Galactic Activation Webinar was very interesting so I have sent of a request to Germany to set up an appointment for some sessions in a Tachyon Healing Chamber in the Eifel area.
    It may be of interest to you that Tom T. Moore has pubhished a book “Atlantis and Lemuria” (www.lighttechnology.com) which give some the two continents destructions. Mr. Moore has a weekly newsletter, The Gentle Way News(https://www.thegentlewaybook.com/articles.htm)


    • You are welcome, Knut!
      The more people do their research, the more we can uncover about our true history.
      I will read Tom Moore’s book. Thank you for the tip. (He has an Irish name!)
      Blessings always


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