Misconceptions about Tachyon Chambers

I would like to correct these misconceptions.

Tachyon chambers are not “med-beds”.

There is only one confirmed source that makes tachyon chambers available, and all public chambers are listed here: http://www.tachyonis.org/Chambers.html

Tachyon chambers are not designed to tachyonise OBJECTS.

6 thoughts on “Misconceptions about Tachyon Chambers

  1. Do you know if the Med-beds are available yet?

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  2. I have had 6 tachyon sessions in the past few weeks and experience ecstatic energy ..My sacrum and whole spinal column were infused with expansive energy.. my lungs breathe in a newly unconstructed way.. any grief held in my lungs has been released. I go “out” deeply for the whole session… my spiritual teacher archangel gabriel has spoken of the healing chambers that will become available for all of mankind to support our physical bodies to “catch up” with our spiritual bodies as we move more completely in the Golden age! What a gift this technology is 🙏🏽 With deepest gratitude . Kathryn (registered nurse)


    • How wonderful, Kathryn!
      Yes, the chamber even in its basic form can transmute us on so many levels, “catching up”, as you say so accurately, with our true potential.
      My protector is Archangel Michael. How fortunate we are to commune once more with these powerful and ecstatic beings!
      Blessings forever,
      Dr. Joe (fellow healer)


      • Would love to have some of the tachyon products to wear when I am at work in the NICU. Have any suggestions?


      • I think that wearing the flower-of-life pendant or a Cintamani Stone as a pendant is the best for self-protection and projecting an aura of love.


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