The Physics of The Chamber

One of the benefits of exposure to the chamber vortex is syntropy. The experience of time and space become altered. Many clients observe this phenomenon without any prompting from me. The interaction with personal will and intent open up all possibilities.

So we have a technology that trumps the “imprisonment” of time and space! Choose well.

2 thoughts on “The Physics of The Chamber

  1. ” The interaction with personal will and intent open up all possibilities.” What does this mean, Dr. Joe? Does this mean that my intent, upon entering the Tachyon Chamber, dictates the outcome of my experience in the Chamber? Is it a better option to enter the Chamber without any expectation for the outcome?

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    • The chamber opens a vortex to all dimensions. So, yes, being a passive recipient is ideal. Yet, even coming to the chamber shows intent and this realizes a time-line of your individual choosing. Free will is paramount!

      See a new post re tachyon chambers on They visited the my chamber in 2015.

      Happy trails, Ronnie!
      Dr. Joe

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