Tachyons and other particles

The original particle from Source (or Logos) is the tachyon. As it slows down and becomes larger in the Monadic Plane it is called a lepton.

As it slows again (and continues to enlarge) it manifests in the Atmic Plane and is called an hadron. This particle is what used to artificially manifest the so-called “God Particle”, so sought-after by the dark ones.

Slowing yet again it reaches the Buddhic Plane and the realm of sub-atomic particles or quarks. This “downward” force from Source is Will.

Slowing again at the Mental Plane it enters duality, and also the Astral and Physical Planes, as protons and neutrons. Time begins here. Then Desire, the opposite of Will, is experienced for a return “upwards” back to Source, as gravity or gluons which are the “glue” of creation. Gravity waves are 64 x c, where c=speed of light.

We live within The Flower of Life.

2 thoughts on “Tachyons and other particles

  1. Hi Dr. Joe,
    I hope life is treating you well! It’s Lynn in Los Angeles. I’m working on further development of my website for the Tachyon Chamber here in Los Angele: http://tachyonwellness.net/.
    Your website is a great model and what you have said here I definitely concur. As I don’t as yet have any videos of my own to direct people to view, I will send them to you as you are our best and longest authority on Tachyon Chambers. Thank you for your guidance and your great work for Mother Earth and her people.
    Blessings always,
    Lynn ~**~

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