Directed Energy Weapons

The issue of using these weapons against civilians has not been addressed by the media. It is especially appalling to me that so many holistic doctors have been murdered by such weaponry that, in theory, belong to us since we have paid for their development.

We claim the right of self-defense. Please join in mass meditations that manifest our right to life. See yesterday’s post on for details so that you can help end this reign of terror.

7 thoughts on “Directed Energy Weapons

  1. I was going to call you today to report that I am being attacked today. Unable to get to the phone. Unable to meditate today. Please include me. Holly Harris Stephenson


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  2. I was going to call you to report it before your post or seeing cobra’s. Confirmation? Getting worse. Mark has instructions to call you if something happens to me. I hope you are ok. I worry about you



  3. Thank you Doctor N. for all your beautiful heartfelt work here with the warriors of the light who have been the heart and strength of resistance when we needed it most! Humanity is blessed by everything you do and now we feel the empowering unifying forces and the true human potential as divinity itself! May blessings be upon you and all you do every day and every moment. Thank you so much! We are creating everything we ever knew to be possible and in grace we are the beautiful light of our divinity!

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