Total Eclipse of the Sun Meditation

There is a world-wide meditation scheduled to coincide with the the upcoming solar eclipse on the 21st. I will keep the chamber free from 2 to 2:30pm so a group meditation can occur at 2:11pm. Please feel free to join us.

See for details of the meditation.

2 thoughts on “Total Eclipse of the Sun Meditation

  1. anybody think it’s strange the sun rises in the west on the 21st? Will east coast be 3 hours behind from then on or is it the final sun? Maybe it will rise in the east again on 22nd? Either way, the shifts will transpire no matter what. Thoughts on this Dr. Joe?


    • Hi, Carson.

      It is the eclipse, not the sun, that will move from West to East next Monday. The mechanics of this can be reviewed on numerous on-line videos.

      Dr. Joe


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