Directed Energy Weapons and the Light-Workers and -Warriors

It is becoming apparent that crimes against humanity are now being committed against individuals involved in Earth liberation. See

Let us all resist these attacks by calling on the highest aspect of ourselves. We are not helpless victims! See merging-with-I-am-presence/

From my experience, spending time in a tachyon chamber and wearing a Cintamani Stone is essential for maximum protective effect.

2 thoughts on “Directed Energy Weapons and the Light-Workers and -Warriors

  1. Dr. Joe,

    I have a Cintimani stone in my home. I sent away for it from Cobra’s website. I don’t remember seeing a wearable one. Are you selling cintimani jewelry?

    Thank you,

    Deb Purcell



    • No, Deb, I do not sell wearable Cintamani jewelry. It is possible to have a jeweler make your one into a ring or a pendant. This changes it from a dark variant to one of a light variant. You can view the underlying translucency of your stone by viewing it over a light bulb. Each one is unique!

      Dr. Joe


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