Evolution beyond the mitochondrial

As part of the development of humanity and bearing in mind the information as revealed by Cobra to ANtoAN, I raise the possibility of using the chamber, together with personal attunement and proper nutrition as a way to induce the rainbow body into our experience. This is way beyond over-unity energy!

6 thoughts on “Evolution beyond the mitochondrial

  1. I also had a strong interest to that conversation during the interview. I wonder what sort of “nutrition” is meant there.
    Regarding the personal attunement before taking the chamber, I thought we may try the White Laser healing.
    Do you have any idea on these two points?


    • Hi Terry,

      I have few ideas to work with myself other than inner guidance. The breatharians are there but I have not worked out how to get there. Taking monatomic gold is a necessary but not sufficient step. Edgar Cayce described a wet cell appliance for absorbing the vibration of gold. In the meantime ingesting the purest of food and water is essential. David Wilcock has described the rainbow body as well as anyone. Yeshua showed us by his transfiguration on Mount Tabor and hopefully, somewhere, his technique is recorded!

      Cobra has told me that the most advanced Pleiadean chambers use both light and tachyon components. I use sound as well as tachyons. In time I hope to offer all three modalities.

      Many blessings,
      Dr. Joe


  2. Hi Dr. Joe,

    Very interesting.
    Set of sounds to reproduce the sounds of gold and many other types of genes and resonate with them were created by a Japanese company. I tried them and found very effective. https://www.ekbo.co.jp/tadaoto_gold-sound.html
    It would be interesting to try such sounds and the White Laser together with the Tachyon chamber, to see if it can be effective in reversing mitochondria and entropy.

    Best regards,



    • That sounds wonderful, Terry!
      I will try that in good time. The tachyon chamber reverses entropy, achieving syntropy. This is an amazing breach in the matrix of disease and death. I use Solfeggio tones as augmentation.
      Continued blessings,
      Dr. Joe


  3. Really exciting!. I experienced the chamber once in Taipei, and felt my body was strongly energized in the next morning.
    I will try and test various conbinations with the chamber such as Sorfeggio, the Gold sound and Mandala Sphere white laser somewhere in Asia soon. I will let you know the results.

    I recall you have you the chamber for 6 months or so. Do you have interesting observations as a medical doctor in the field of therapeutic effects?


    • Yes, I do but I have to careful not to claim anything therapeutic. Please read some of the testimonials on this site.

      It may be that my liaising with a research physician in Austria will lead to a published study in time.

      Dr. Joe.


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