Resonating with Earth

As part of my process of observing the experiences of clients here, one notable observation is that my playing of the Schumann frequency or natural sounds in the background during the last of the series of sessions augments the experience profoundly. So bring your favorite Solfeggio melodies with you and you can play them while you in the chamber!

2 thoughts on “Resonating with Earth

  1. Do you have any solfeggio music available there? If we bring our own, what format does it need to be in–cd, Wi-Fi , iPhone, etc…?


    • Yes, Susan, I do I play it on my computer but, if you have a favorite or your own CD, I could play that instead. You can use your iPhone also but it needs to be outside the chamber-room to avoid any negative EM effects. I do not have wi-fi for that reason.

      Happy trails,
      Dr. Joe


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