Tachyon Counseling Center opening February 23rd, 2015 !


The Center will help people find options to deal with medical challenges.

When healing and navigating life’s daily challenges, it is important to be in a positive state of mind.

The tachyon chamber will help to achieve this, since it is effective in balancing mind, body, and emotions.

Separate sessions for the chamber need to be scheduled.

Contact us to schedule your session!


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  1. This is an outstanding project.
    I’m very interested in knowing what sort of effects have you observed after exposing persons with different types of problems such as physical, emotional, economical and spiritual issues.


    • Hola, Poeta!

      I am not fluent in Spanish so I am replying in English.

      Because the chamber is not a FDA (American Food and Drug Administration)-approved therapy, I can make no claims of efficacy in any way. However, since tachyons increase syntropy, it could be a way to reverse currently-incurable diseases such as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

      Dr. Joe

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  2. I have me and my 11 year old son scheduled. Currently for home use, how much are the chambers. I know that are not cheap but ball park figure.
    We have asthma, horrible allergies. I have been dig ised with lupus in 2011 and used only herbs and no lupus. I feel pretty bad due to not being able to sweat and release toxins. Not sure what my problem is no entercronologjst can figure me out. I seem to be a science project. I think I need way more than the normal 5 sessions email me back when u can!!


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